Monday, April 6, 2009

Welcome to my life change! Please come join me as I try to become the woman, the mother, the wife that I have always thought I would be. Yes, you understand what I'm saying, I am not happy with who I have become as the years have passed. Not the inside person, that person I love and am happy with except when it comes to sabotaging the outside me! LOL. I got married at age 20, had 4 children within 6 years and life took on a craziness that is finally becoming less crazy and I find it's time to focus on ME!

I am currently 96 pounds heavier than when I got married! OMG...did I just say that????? WOW! I'm still just baffled how that happened! Okay, maybe not...that's my denial thing saying that. So, along with that issue comes the sloppy dressing. Which came first ... the sloppy clothing or the weight? I think they worked hand-in-hand. Dressing sloppy makes you FEEL sloppy. Elastic clothing makes you not realize that you are gaining weight. So, you wear the stretchy clothing BECAUSE you gained weight and then you gain more weight BECAUSE you are wearing stretchy clothing! It's a vicious cycle and it grabbed me and did NOT let go!

With extra weight comes tiredness. I know this because I HAVE lost some weight before. And every time I'm amazed at the change in mood and energy I get. It is just amazing how much weight WEIGHS you down! Losing just 20 pounds and you'd be surprised how those afternoon naps are no longer needed. You'd be amazed how that day that used to FLY by and you'd say, how come this is all I accomplished becomes WOW - I sure accomplished alot today!

So...I am tending to tie everything in my life into the weight issue right now. And if I could get that under control I think I could get so much more under control.



  1. My Dear Friend Mel,
    I will try ,but not sure I will do well !
    We are in the same boat. I'm probably a little heavier than you !!
    I will soon be able to work outside again,that always helps me some !!
    Prim Hugs & Blessings,

  2. Mel my dear I am in the same boat! I'm much heavier now than when I got married years ago and health issues play a big part of it. This is my year to get better. I know when we are better than our families are better too. I'll join ya!

  3. I am here right beside you, we can do this with each other's support!