Thursday, April 9, 2009

HELP me with my groceries!!!

LOL...I need H~E~L~P!!!

Please help with some suggestions. I need to keep the family happy with some decent meals, but need to start focusing on better eating for me. I go grocery shopping around the 15th, so I'm trying to get ahead of things and think NOW.

My problem with shopping is that I always seem to have a different purpose each time I go. Either I'm worried and focused on budget, thinking healthy eating, thinking GOOD meals (something out of the ordinary that is), or during busy times thinking quick foods. I can't seem to do all those focuses at one time. I guess I'm thinking I need healthy eating that is kinda cheaper, and at least a day a week of quick and easy meals.


  1. I say make out a menu and then make a list going by the menu, that makes it alot easier. We love to have boneless skinless chicken cooked in a little oil with some lawry's sprinkled on it, I dont think that would be too fattening would it? My hubby loves it. Not that Im one to give ANY advice on healthy eating hehe, but I doo love a salad on the side of any meal :D Carm

  2. soft chicken tacos~i cook the chicken in the slow cooker or crockpot
    roast with gravy~i usually buy london broil when it's on sale and i use healthy request soups~cream of mushroom and cream of celery~makes a great gravy~also, try some of the light salad dressings and use them as marinades~kraft honey dijon and italian are my favorites~i marinate chicken or boneless white meat pork chops and then bake in the oven~hope i helped a little...

  3. I was going to suggest a weeks, or months menue. I used to do that when we budgeted closer and it works.
    It makes shopping easier and you stay on budget as well.

  4. Thanks ladies...great comments! Wow Angie, those are some ideas I hadn't thought the crockpot, that is what I'd love to use over standing at the stove, lol!

  5. Well one thing i have learned this year with all my stomach issues is cheap and healthy food don't go together. Try to hit farmer's markets if you can. We go every sunday and that helps me decide what we are eating for the week and you usually get a good amount for the buck. I LOVE my crockpot! USe it all the time. My problem is Hubby eats one things, kassy doesn't like it and then i have a special diet. Since Kassy is 18 she has to make her own or eat when I fix that i can eat. Hubby is loosing some of his love handles...wish i would.
    Good luck!