Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Mom with Easter Break Kids!!! FUN!

Hee, hee. The joys of a mom with kids on Easter Break. You think I'm kiddin? Nahhhh...just making you wonder. The kids have been wonderful.

I took advantage of a relaxing day today. I actually went upstairs and tackled my bedroom, the one that had hairballs....literally! OMGosh, I started to vacuum the carpet (which had been a while, shhhh) and it got that funky vacuum cleaner, something smelling like it's burning kinda smell. So I got down and cleaned all the hair and strings from the brush....I think I had another child and didn't know it! It's name must be Cousin IT! LOL.

So, I cannot really be "The Mom I Wanna Be" with a bedroom I'm not comfy in, right? It's getting there. My goal is to be able to sit in there on the recliner and be comfy enough to start on my "project" I'll call it, something for a swap for spring. I have a wonderful lady Sharon that is my swap partner, and she's been such a friend that I want to do something special and really hope I can pull it off! (You reading this Sharon??? LOL.)

So far Easter break is great AND I'm making progress on my goals :) Life is good. Think tomorrow we'll start thinking about coloring Easter eggs.

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