Friday, April 10, 2009

Weekend focus - ME

Oh wait, it's Easter Weekend, maybe I shouldn't focus on ME? Nahhhh...never's about ME! LOL. I have so many areas to focus on is what gets me! Okay, so I deliver newspapers at night, and that means tonight is my busy night. I get home around 7 a.m. and my day is all backwards since I've been up all night. So, my goal tomorrow morn will be to come home and take a shower and do the whole new face routine, etc. before I crash. Usually I just come home, lay on the couch or bed and I'm out for hours. I need to refresh myself before doing that I think.

I realized that with sandal weather here now, I really need to get a handle on the feet! Usually I just don't care. But, I want my feet to look presentable. Moisturized instead of dry, cracked feet....RIGHT? I unfortunately inherited from my mom my dry, dry feet! But I've come to realize if I wear socks most of the time, it helps tremendously. But a weekly pampering never hurts. And I need to polish those nails!

Here is the problem with polishing my nails. The weight. It's uncomfortable to pull my foot up to paint them! Uggghhh. One more reason to lose weight. Is it worth going to get a pedicure? I think I'll need to go a couple towns over so I'm not embarrassed! LOL.

Anyhow, those are my first focuses this weekend. Next is to get the grocery list finished and lastly is to focus on my swap! Yippeee!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

HELP me with my groceries!!!

LOL...I need H~E~L~P!!!

Please help with some suggestions. I need to keep the family happy with some decent meals, but need to start focusing on better eating for me. I go grocery shopping around the 15th, so I'm trying to get ahead of things and think NOW.

My problem with shopping is that I always seem to have a different purpose each time I go. Either I'm worried and focused on budget, thinking healthy eating, thinking GOOD meals (something out of the ordinary that is), or during busy times thinking quick foods. I can't seem to do all those focuses at one time. I guess I'm thinking I need healthy eating that is kinda cheaper, and at least a day a week of quick and easy meals.

A Mom with Easter Break Kids!!! FUN!

Hee, hee. The joys of a mom with kids on Easter Break. You think I'm kiddin? Nahhhh...just making you wonder. The kids have been wonderful.

I took advantage of a relaxing day today. I actually went upstairs and tackled my bedroom, the one that had hairballs....literally! OMGosh, I started to vacuum the carpet (which had been a while, shhhh) and it got that funky vacuum cleaner, something smelling like it's burning kinda smell. So I got down and cleaned all the hair and strings from the brush....I think I had another child and didn't know it! It's name must be Cousin IT! LOL.

So, I cannot really be "The Mom I Wanna Be" with a bedroom I'm not comfy in, right? It's getting there. My goal is to be able to sit in there on the recliner and be comfy enough to start on my "project" I'll call it, something for a swap for spring. I have a wonderful lady Sharon that is my swap partner, and she's been such a friend that I want to do something special and really hope I can pull it off! (You reading this Sharon??? LOL.)

So far Easter break is great AND I'm making progress on my goals :) Life is good. Think tomorrow we'll start thinking about coloring Easter eggs.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is THIS the mom I wanna be?

I make a list in the morning, and what happens? Well...I must say that because I made the list I'm keeping it in my mind what needs done, ROTFL! Doesn't mean I DID it, but it's on my mind! But of course now that I realize it's 2:30 and I pick up the girls from school at 3:00, and then I have to make dinner and then leave the house by 6 p.m. AND...I promised my daughter I'd make brownies today and haven't yet! Uggghhhh. That is one of my mommy things I do that I hope to change...promise I'll do something then make excuses as to why I didn't do it! Because I'm tired, that's always the reason behind everything!

Okay, so I have about 20 minutes until I pick the girls I go to fold those clothes I washed, which by the way was only 1 load out of the two I said I'd do today...the others still need folded from yesterday. Off to also throw in another load. BUT HEY... I DID run the errands!

Today is a new day!!!

Gosh, how, OH HOW do I begin this new day to a new me!? looking back at yesterday's simple goals I set for myself of course! seems I have a goal of being presentable in house and self by 10 a.m. and it's 8:50 here already, that leaves me PLENTY of time! And then I'll go ahead and make myself my "list".

Here is my list of stuff to get done for today:

~ go pick up antibiotic for my son and run to bank (yes, put off both yesterday!)

~ spend 20 minutes in my bedroom straightening up - this is the LAST place that gets touched in the house!

~ go clean out my van, just trash and coffee mugs (spending 5 hours a day at least in it sure takes its toll!)

~ wash 2 more loads of laundry and put ALL of it away when done!

Okay, that is alot in my world, LOL! Wish me luck! I'm off in a few minutes to go start getting "presentable".

Monday, April 6, 2009

My journey towards a beautiful face :) poor neglected face. Well, always had issues with breaking out ever since I was a teenager, and it still comes and goes (and I'm 36 now)....well at least it comes, takes awful long to go. I have fair skin, so every blemish on my skin leaves a pinkish mark for a good month or so. So I decided now is the time to figure out HOW to make things better. I've always had a problem with dry skin so that doesn't help with trapping in the bad stuff! I started using St. Ives Medicated Apricot Scrub again, and it's making my skin feel so smooth. It's amazing how skin feels when it's rejuvenated and without dead skin on it!

And then I went and bought some more Biore Pore Strips....OMGosh, if you haven't used these, if you get clogged pores, you have GOT to try it!!! They're so fun.

Sooo...WHAT DO YOU USE? I'm open to trying something new. One thing I need to find is a solution to the redness I have developed over the past year on my nose and cheeks. It appears to be broken capillaries. I read online to try Arnica 30, it's a homeopathic solution and I'm not sure where to find it. Hoping I can find some to try.

Showers? Why Not?

Funny huh? You must think I'm crazy for even bringing this subject up! But guess how long it's been since I took a shower (Yeah, really...I'm asking this!). And the answer is...I have absolutely no idea. But it's been months for sure. Okay, okay...I'm not NASTY! I just always take a bath. And I think this goes along with the lack of energy and finding the easy way out of things. So this morning I took my rear in that bathroom and took me a wonderfullll shower! Ohhhhh Myyyy Gossshhhhh....that felt soooo good!

I cannot believe this is something I have stopped doing for WHATEVER reason! So, on my quest to change things, this is something that is going first. It really does invigorate you and give a great start to your day...WHO KNEW! LOL...yes, making fun of myself now!

Lazy ??? What is it?

Well, the dictionary says the following:

1. averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion; indolent.

2. causing idleness or indolence: a hot, lazy afternoon.

3. slow-moving; sluggish: a lazy stream.

4. (of a livestock brand) placed on its side instead of upright.

–verb (used without object)
5. to laze. goal is to figure out, AM I LAZY? I have told myself for a long time that I was not, that it was the weight making it hard for me to do some things, making me tired, etc. WELLLLL...I have to say that while that is definitely true to some degree, it's an excuse. Yes...I said it, I was making excuses because it was too much work and effort to do these things, because it wears you out so much more at a higher weight. Well guess what...maybe if I HAD done those things that wore me out, I just MIGHT have lost some of the weight! WOW....a lightbulb moment!

So, for the definition.

#1 - yes, a dislike for work or a certain activity, I could definitely say I didn't do things because of that reason!

#2 - causing idleness...well gosh, "being lazy" as in just wanting to sit around, right? YES! I have felt so many times like when I had a quiet day at home that it was my RIGHT to "laze" around. And it is...but I think I overdid it!

#3 - slow-moving, sluggish - UMMM....HELLLLOOOOOO! That is all we need to say.

#4 - Did they just call me LIVESTOCK!!!???? LOL.

#5 - To laze - well, think I admitted that already!

GUESS WHAT - I've just realized that I am lazy! And know what? That will never change, because all of those reasons above will always be valid. HOWEVER, I've realized as well that the difference between being called LAZY and being LAZY is the extreme you take those to!

Some goals I have

I am keeping my goal in line with my primitive tastes, and use my guide word "Simplify". I am going to keep my goals SIMPLE so that I don't feel I'll fail.

~make my eating and drinking choices healthier by thinking how that food will affect the way I feel.

~ I would love to have a 10 a.m. goal of having myself and my house "presentable".

~ Get back to "lists". They are a great source of guidance.

~ Use the third person view to see where I can change something.

I will discuss these things further later, and maybe go past the "simplify" stage when I'm ready.
Welcome to my life change! Please come join me as I try to become the woman, the mother, the wife that I have always thought I would be. Yes, you understand what I'm saying, I am not happy with who I have become as the years have passed. Not the inside person, that person I love and am happy with except when it comes to sabotaging the outside me! LOL. I got married at age 20, had 4 children within 6 years and life took on a craziness that is finally becoming less crazy and I find it's time to focus on ME!

I am currently 96 pounds heavier than when I got married! OMG...did I just say that????? WOW! I'm still just baffled how that happened! Okay, maybe not...that's my denial thing saying that. So, along with that issue comes the sloppy dressing. Which came first ... the sloppy clothing or the weight? I think they worked hand-in-hand. Dressing sloppy makes you FEEL sloppy. Elastic clothing makes you not realize that you are gaining weight. So, you wear the stretchy clothing BECAUSE you gained weight and then you gain more weight BECAUSE you are wearing stretchy clothing! It's a vicious cycle and it grabbed me and did NOT let go!

With extra weight comes tiredness. I know this because I HAVE lost some weight before. And every time I'm amazed at the change in mood and energy I get. It is just amazing how much weight WEIGHS you down! Losing just 20 pounds and you'd be surprised how those afternoon naps are no longer needed. You'd be amazed how that day that used to FLY by and you'd say, how come this is all I accomplished becomes WOW - I sure accomplished alot today!

So...I am tending to tie everything in my life into the weight issue right now. And if I could get that under control I think I could get so much more under control.