Monday, April 6, 2009

Showers? Why Not?

Funny huh? You must think I'm crazy for even bringing this subject up! But guess how long it's been since I took a shower (Yeah, really...I'm asking this!). And the answer is...I have absolutely no idea. But it's been months for sure. Okay, okay...I'm not NASTY! I just always take a bath. And I think this goes along with the lack of energy and finding the easy way out of things. So this morning I took my rear in that bathroom and took me a wonderfullll shower! Ohhhhh Myyyy Gossshhhhh....that felt soooo good!

I cannot believe this is something I have stopped doing for WHATEVER reason! So, on my quest to change things, this is something that is going first. It really does invigorate you and give a great start to your day...WHO KNEW! LOL...yes, making fun of myself now!

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